Employer-assisted housing programs help employees meet their housing needs, which in turn helps employers to achieve their business goals. ... Employer-assisted housing programs help build employee loyalty and increase productivity through improved morale, an enhanced employee work/life balance, and decreased absenteeism

How EAH Benefits an Employer

  • Enhances employee-employer relationships

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves employee retention

  • Enhances employee attraction

  • Increases staff loyalty

  • Generates positive publicity

  • Builds goodwill within the community

  • Provides a positive return on investment

How EAH Benefits an Employee

  • Leads to home ownership: the #1 investment for most people

  • Addresses the biggest obstacles to home-ownership

  • Knowledge of the home-buying process

  • Cofidence of the home-buying process

  • Financial literacy

  • Cash for a down-payment or closing costs

What is Employer-Assisted Housing?

The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has developed this program and has had years of success. EAH is an employer-provided benefit that not only helps employees meet their housing needs but also helps employers achieve business goals.

  • Homebuyer and homeownership workshops conducted by Jeff Taylor Realty, Gershman mortgage with the help of Titan Title of Springfield. Topics could include the homebuying process, obtaining mortgage financing, sources of financial assistance, home maintenance tips, and foreclosure prevention. The workshops could be conducted at the workplace, at little or no cost to the employer.

  • Financial assistance provided by the employer in the form of grants or loans that can be used for a down payment or closing costs on a home purchase. This benefit can include requirements to meet business objectives.

  • How many employees will use this program? Based on the experience of several private employers 4-6% of the eligible employees will use the benefit each year. Some employers will limit the number of employees using the benefit per year buy allocating a specific dollar amount, under a first come, first-served policy. (source NRA tool & resources pg.38)


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Strategic Action Plan  “Encourage local businesses to develop Employer Assisted Homeownership Programs”   Link

Strategic Action Plan

“Encourage local businesses to develop Employer Assisted Homeownership Programs”