Loan Programs



One of the most common loan programs that offers competitive interest rates and requires down payments ranging from 3% & up. Down payments less than 20% require mortgage insurance. Standard documentation and fair-to-good credit score are necessary to qualify. *



Offering Veterans, US Military service members and eligible surviving spouses benefits through a VA loan program. Loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, no down payment or mortgage insurance required. The VA guaranty gives lenders greater degree of safety and flexibility which result in more competitive interest rates than non-VA loans.


Insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Offers down payment as low as 3.5% in addition to a less stringent qualification process which is an attractive option to first time homebuyers. To protect lenders from a loss if the borrower should default, mortgage insurance is required on all FHA loans.


203k Loan

You used to have to get two separate loans to purchase a home and make cosmetic changes or repairs. With streamline loans you can now buy a home, and borrow money for repairs and have just one mortgage payment.

USDA loan

Government backed loans, lending up to 100% of the home’s appraised value. Qualifying properties must be located in USDA defined rural areas and communities to be eligible for USDA loan programs.


What Loan officer to use?

( This is no small thing, who you use can mean the difference between closing on time if at all. )

  • Use local when possible, it is a hot market and sellers don’t want to take a chance on a online loan.

  • Use experienced, 5-10 + years in the business.

  • Use a full time mortgage officer. Car loans are great when you are buying a car.

  • Last, get pre-approved. Sellers want to know you can buy their home before they agree to your offer'.

I have great loan officers for you to work with. Most local loan officers do a good job, but I want to put you with the best in our are.


The Right Loan Is Key To Home Ownership.

Our Team Is The Key To The Right Loan.